Sunday, December 30, 2012

Play Kitchen

I kept talking about making my babies a play kitchen, and finally made time to actually do it. It was a whole lot of work, but their faces on Christmas was well worth it. It was such an amazing feeling so see them love something I created. Pure joy!

the $15 tv stand

 the idea

the process

the finished kitchen

"It's a kitchen!!!"

The breakdown...or as much as I can remember, lol
(most of the estimates are rounded up)

TV stand: $15

  Things I had on hand:
CD's for burners
Fridge & oven hardware
Fruit basket
Chalkboard paint
Hooks for utensils

Paint: I had it on hand and added $3 worth of acrylic paint to it to change the color. It was lavender left over from Kenley's dresser I painted.

Oven door: $10 picture frame
Oven rack: 99¢

Faucet: $25...I couldn't find the size I needed at a thrift store to save my life!!!

Porcelain sink: $12
Neon duck tape: $4
Metal basket: 99¢
Plastic baskets & play food: $6
Mixing bowl: $3
Utensils: $2 
Pots & Pans: $20
Magnets & screws for oven: $4
Plexi for cook top & oven door: $5
Cook top knobs: $4
Black spray paint: $8 (two cans)
Spray primer: $12 (two cans)
Contact paper to cover shelves & burners: $5

I think that's roughly $140. The little things definitely added up! We're still really happy with it though. And while Kenley doesn't really understand exactly what it is, she and Mason play with it like they've been cooking for years!


  1. You did so good! It looks amazing in person

  2. Love love love it! Great job Ninah!

  3. Thank you ladies. I worked so hard on it! I'm really glad the kids love it : )