Sunday, May 26, 2013

10 Things...

10 things I'm learning about kids/parenting...
Get a pen & paper ; )

1. Just because a baby/toddler starts taking their diaper off does not mean they're reading to start potty training!!! That is a straight up lie! Most of the time they're doing it just because they figured out how to do it, lol. 

2. I've always been told 'A parent is a parent, not a friend'. Well, I guess this is true, but sometimes as your children get older especially, they might need a friend. So be what they need at that time. It's doesn't take away from you being their parent at all.
M rocking her pink puff

3. There is no 'written in stone' age that a child has to stop taking a bottle or be potty trained. I could go on & on about this, but the easiest way to go, is to do it when you see that they're ready. If you introduce it and they freak out, maybe they're not ready. Keep trying, but don't force them. I think we just need to stop listening to society...or whoeverthehell says when our kids should stop or start doing whatever. 
Every child is different! Proceed accordingly.

4. Kids are really funny. Especially when they're allowed to be themselves.
Nia saying cheese

5. Letting kids be themselves, at any age I think, makes them more enjoyable to be around. Let them be unfiltered and totally comfortable around you!

6. You should 'partake' in things they like. My Miona LOVES music. I mean LOVES! And eventhough we don't always like the same music, I still listen to it with her because it's what SHE likes. When I was younger the only thing I could listen to was gospel. It sucked! So entertain your kids and the things they like.

7. Sometimes you have to ignore your kids. Seriously. When they're acting out or getting attitudes, don't pay them any attention. Especially when they want something!!! They'll learn their lesson quicker than if you had yelled at them. 
Mason 'cutting' his hair

8. Yelling doesn't work. My mom never yelled at me, but I have found myself getting a little loud with my kids in moments of frustration or extreme fatigue on more than one occasion. Just don't do it. It doesn't solve anything. And do you really want your kids to only respond to you when you yell at them??? I don't think so. Take a minute to gather your thoughts, and breathe. Then handle the situation accordingly. This might be a little harder with preteens/teenagers though, lol

9. Spend time with each of your kids alone. It really makes them feel special, and you learn a lot about them. Mason and I go to DQ or the toy store for our dates. M and I get frozen yogurt or listen to music for hours! Sooo much fun! Nia and I watch Tangled (her favorite right now), dance, or go for a drive. 

10. When you have a bad day, they do too. So hide those damn feelings because whatever you're going through has nothing to do with them! Make the day fun and exciting for them, and you may even come out of your funk too.

I love my kids! I also love how much I'm learning from and about them, and myself. Have a great holiday!

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Hope you're having an awesome Saturday! My new frame is finally up! Now I'm going to do nothing for the rest of the day ; )

Friday, April 26, 2013

Girly Shelves

So my Nia loves these shelves in my bedroom...
no, I still have not painted them, smh
She stays in my jewelry, and she literally sits in front of them drooling to touch everything on it, lol. This is actually an old photo of it. It has lots more goodies on it know, all those awesome things a vanity holds : ) So I figured I'd try to make her something similar, but on a smaller scale and much more 'Nia friendly'. So I bought a $22 bookshelf from Target, and this is what happened...

She totally stole my bag and stuffed her doll in it, lol. She drags it around the house so I guess it's actually her bag now, smh. I put clear sticky hooks on the side to hold her little purses. The large apothecary jar is from our wedding, and the smaller ones for bows & pacifiers are thrifted. 

I got these baskets from Hobby Lobby AND they were half off : )
Everything else I had on hand!!! She also loves this picture of me & Kevin. It matched her decor so I threw that on there too. She plays with her blocks everyday, so they were a must!

She loves walking around the house in her tutu's, so I thought...why not have them on display?! I mean, they are really cute! I just screwed hooks under the top shelf and used plastic skirt hangers to hang them on. The hooks are soft so I don't have to worry about her hurting her hands. She really loves that she can reach them now.

She loves it, and I couldn't be happier!

Have a Fantastic Friday!